Strike Action Delivers

January’s massive public sector strike in the North was an outstanding example of the power of the workers’ movement and its ability to decisively alter political events.

More than 100,000 workers on strike for pay justice and for full funding of public services. Tens of thousands on the streets and on picket lines.

This historic mass strike also acted as the catalyst to break the political logjam.

Within days the wheels were moving to restore the Stormont Assembly and end two years of political deadlock.

The workers’ movement has shown they have the power to unite working-class communities. And will continue to do so in defence of pay, living standards and public services.

That power can be used now and in the future, including to forge a real political alternative to fight for workers’ unity.

In the South almost 400,000 public sector workers will vote in the coming weeks for a new pay deal that for many will see little or no improvement in their economic situation in an ongoing cost of living crisis.

We are told that this deal is the best that can be achieved through negotiation. But the workers’ movement was not built by negotiation alone. It was built by struggle.

Public sector workers in the South should reject this deal and push for a massive campaign of industrial action. At a time of massive government budget surpluses there is more to be won.

A campaign of action by public sector workers can act a spark to regenerate the trade union movement.

It is only through visible struggle in our workplaces and communities that strong trade unions are built.

Recent events show that capitalism, and the governments that serve it, will never willingly share wealth and resources fairly.

We need to organise in our trade unions to demand pay rises that at least match inflation and for an end to cuts.

There can never really be a fair share for workers under capitalism.

We need to build fighting trade unions and new parties of the working class to push beyond capitalism and bring the economy under democratic public ownership in a planned socialist economy.

One that works to meet the needs of everyone and not the greed of the billionaire oligarchs that are destroying our lives and livelihoods.

Join with Militant Left in building for this socialist future.