A -Level bias against working class young people

Many young people in Northern Ireland will receive their A – Level results today. The traditional A-level exam system collapsed under the pressure of Covid-19.  As a result, it was replaced by a process of predicted results plus statistical models set up by the Department of Education and the exams authority.

Young people, parents, and schools are deeply concerned that this approach has replicated the anti-working-class bias that happened in Scotland. Young people in Scotland receive their results a fortnight earlier and their results confirmed that students from a working-class background had been downgraded. This obvious class bias created uproar, young people took to the streets to protest and the SNP Government in Scotland was forced to retreat. Students in Scotland will now get the grades they were entitled to.

The same class bias is inherent in the A-level system here.  If the same thing happens here then young people should learn the lesson from Scotland… if you fight you can win!

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