What will return of Stormont mean for workers?

The largest unionist political party, DUP, has agreed to return to government with Sinn Fein in the Northern Ireland Assembly. Their return is subject to new legislation being fast tracked through Westminster.
If the process is successfully completed it will likely usher in a brief honeymoon period for the Assembly but, unfortunately, a new crisis is inevitable. The fundamental contentious issues of unresolved national question and sectarian divisions will not be finally dealt with by the new arrangements and the underpinnings economic problems are still there.
It remains to be seen what the accompanying financial package looks like in detail but it is not going to resolve the cost of living crisis or the public service funding problems. While trade unions may decide to take a breather as they await details of the package it is clear that the movement should not stand down its campaign. Fight for inflation busting pay rises. Fight the cuts. Fight the stealth taxes.