Sperrins’ anti-mining protestors in London

Anti-gold mining campaigners in Tyrone have taken the struggle to London. A delegation held a series of protests and lobbies in the city. They protested outside the offices of the Crown Estate: of Orion Resource Partners, who control mining company Dalradian which is seeking do develop a huge mine in the Sperrins: and outside the Mines and Money Conference. This is Europe’s largest mining invesment and capital raising event.

While picketing this Conference, women from Romania and New Zealand approached with support. Both told about the environmental destruction gold mining has caused in their countries.

A deputation met officials of the Crown Estate, which owns rights to precious metals underground in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The deputation included anti-goldmining Councillor Emmet McAleer. Militant Left member Anton McCabe was also part of this deputation. He said: “We were given a very polite hearing, but do not yet know the result. When I was there I was comparing the elegance of the offices with the ugly scar that mining would leave on the Sperrin mountains.”

The delegation also handed in a protest letter to the Prime Minister Boris Johnston at 10 Downing Street.

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