Nigeria: Comrade Omomeewa, student leader and socialist campaigner, killed by armed assailants

Militant Left (the CWI in Ireland) extends our condolences and sorrow to the wife and four month old baby on the loss of Comrade Omomeewa. We also would like to commiserate with our comrades in the Democratic Socialist Movement (CWI in Nigeria) on the killing of this leading comrade.

The news that Comrade Omomeewa was murdered by armed attackers at Lagos University came as a blow to every one in the Committee for a Workers’ International and indeed to the cause of socialism.

We understand that this murder follows on from three years when Comrade Omomeewa was targeted for discrimination at the University of Lagos as a result of his student union activities and his work in supporting the struggles of employees at the University of Lagos. His life of activism and commitment will remain an example to socialists across the world and light the way forwards for us all.

We express our solidarity with the demand of the Democratic Socialist Movement for the immediate arrest and prosecution of those responsible for the death of Comrade Omomeewa. We also support the call for the formation of a democratic committee of inquiry consisting of the student union, trade unionists and broader representatives of civil society to investigate the political backgrounds of the murder and an end to the tyrannical and repressive policy at the University of Lagos.

They may kill the revolutionary but never the revolution.

We conclude with the inspirational words of our fallen comrade, in solidarity.

Militant Left, CWI in Ireland.


“The passion for advocating for the oppressed at all times is to defend the dignity of man, and that alone is uplifting enough. There is no satisfaction that can replace the joy you feel when you look back and see that humanity has been freed from its chains through one’s own efforts and interventions. Whether an activist gets a prize or not, he already has a place in history.”

– Comrade Omomeewa, August 2021

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