• Ireland-North

    Journalists’ strike solid

    A 24 hour strike by BBC journalists in Northern Ireland has been 100% solid on May 19th. Journalists in the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) walked out on one of the busiest news days of [...]
  • Ireland-North

    NI Local Elections

    Sinn Féin, the Democratic Unionist Party and the Alliance Party emerged as the main winners from last week’s local government elections in Northern Ireland. This shows a greater political polarisation taking place amongst nationalists and unionists [...]
  • Announcements

    Build a Socialist Future to Stop the far-Right

    One of the symptoms of a decaying capitalism is the rise of far-Right and fascist forces. Capitalists are never willing to redirect their wealth towards solving the immense social problems they create. Instead, their alternative [...]
  • Debenhams strikers on the picket line

    Review: 406 Days Debenhams Documentary

    406 Days, a documentary about the Debenhams strike was premiered at the closing night of the Dublin International Film Festival. The documentary was directed by Joe Lee and produced by Fergus Dowd and tells the [...]


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