• Ireland-North

    Anti-mining protests continue

    Over 100 protestors gathered on a bitterly cold Sunday at the Cavancaw goldmine, on the side of a mountain above Omagh. Protestors from Leitrim, Derry and Monaghan joined campaigners from Tyrone. Canadian mining company Flintridge [...]
  • Ireland-South

    Abolish the Special Criminal Court

    Socialists stand for the abolition of the Special Criminal Court which was established in 1972, as a supposed emergency measure in response to the worsening Troubles in the North. A review, commissioned over 20 years [...]
  • International

    Journalism is not a crime

    The proposed extradition of journalist and whistle-blower Julian Assange from Britain to the United States is a threat both to those who expose the wrong-doing of America’s ruling élite, to free speech, and to journalism [...]
  • Ireland-North

    20 years since the murder of Martin O’Hagan

    The National Union of Journalists (NUJ) held vigils in Belfast and Derry on Tuesday September 28th to mark the 20th anniversary of the murder of journalist Martin O’Hagan. The vigils also demanded justice for Martin. Twenty years [...]

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