An Post Pay Talks: Report from An Post Worker

The National Executive Committee of the Communication Workers Union (CWU) have unanimously accepted a 2.75% pay raise for its members in An Post subject to a ballot of its members. This pay raise is backdated to the 01st January 2021 and ends on the 31st December 2021.

The decision follows negotiations between the Union, An Post management and the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC). The CWU leadership are pushing this deal as they do not know the “full impact which Brexit and the Pandemic will have on the Company finances”.

According to An Post Chief Executive (CEO) David Mc Redmond, the ongoing Pandemic has cost the An Post circa €50m to date. The WRC in its proposals state that “unions will continue to cooperate….to transform the Company from a mainly letters business to a fully-fledged parcel, packet and logistics business”.

An Post are also pushing ahead with Prio Eco which is essentially a first and second class mail service, and a costly move away from its traditional G.P.O. Headquarters in Dublin. This is despite over 90% of union members being vehemently opposed to such a move.

It is becoming increasingly clear that An Post management and the Irish Government are in the process of moving An Post from a state owned enterprise, which provides an essential service to Irish society, into a fully commercial and private company whose sole motive is profits. Such a move would have a negative impact on services to the public and on the wages and conditions of An Post employees.

Postal workers who are essential workers went above and beyond their duties to make sure that the general public were not inconvenienced during the pandemic and received their mail and deliveries.

It is high time that the CWU leadership abandoned their collaborationist strategy of facilitating the Company such as closing the Cork Mails Centre, for example, and begin to fight for a proper funded national postal service free from the profiteering of the market.

Militant Left calls for An Post to be renationalised under democratic workers control and management to protect a key public service and trade union jobs.

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